Michou and Elsa Bois are getting closer: this kiss that says it all!

Michou can breathe! This Friday evening, during the last premium of “Dance with the stars” broadcast on TF1, the Youtubeur was again saved by the public, facing the actress Aurélie Pons who had to leave the adventure. Michou therefore qualified for the DALS final with his partner Elsa Bois. A feat for the social media star who had never danced two months ago.

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Since Michou joined the cast of “Dance with the Stars”, rumors have been rife about his relationship with Elsa Bois. While the professional dancer is in a relationship, Michou has confided several times in front of the cameras of “Dance with the stars” that he was under the spell of the pretty brunette. The YouTuber even made him several fiery declarations of love. The most recent dates back to this Friday, November 19, 2021.

Before discovering the performance of Michou and Elsa on the floor of “Dance with the stars”, the production broadcast a tape in which Michou has nice comments about his dance partner. “She pushes me up, I couldn’t have had a better dance partner.” The two of us get along too well, we complement each other a bit. We are a duo with a good chemistry “, he admits, visibly uncomfortable. Alone in front of the camera, Michou admitted:” With Elsa it’s complicated … In fact we are friends, but I think I want us to be more than friends… but I can’t! What did she say ?! “.

During his performance yesterday, Michou did not hesitate to exchange a tender kiss with Elsa Bois. A sequence that greatly surprised and touched Internet users. “Wait, was there a kiss there or am I dreaming?”, WTF we saw the same thing there? “,” OMG the kiss “,” They kissed there ?? It was too good “, note the Net surfers on Twitter. If the televiewers seem delighted with this reconciliation, what thinks the companion of Elsa Bois? Not sure that he is of the same opinion.


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