Michelle is accused of having had an affair with the president of Bolsonaro’s party. Understand the controversy!

After being involved in rumors of domestic violence and experiencing a family fight with her stepson, Michelle Bolsonaro is at the center of a new controversy. Maria Christina Mendes Caldeira insinuated that the first lady had an affair with Valdemar Costa Neto, her ex-husband and president of the Liberal Party (PL).

The accusation occurred during a live that Maria did on Instagram. In the recording, she makes serious accusations to her ex-husband and criticizes the fact that the party does not respect the results of the elections, which culminated in the defeat of Jair Bolsonaro. “You’re going to screw up again with that rubbish [Bolsonaro]which you called the ‘low clergy’, a donkey, with his wife who was his ‘pickup’ after my administration. Have pity! Do not be such a dumb“, said.


Over the course of 12 minutes, Maria launches a series of accusations against Valdemar and also points out alleged corruption by the Bolsonaro clan. “Have you forgotten that I have a shitload of your documentation, at the time of the ‘Car Wash’ (jet wash), and yours, current? And more: the evasion of foreign exchange and tax evasion by the Bolsonaros here. But, of all this, the most serious thing is that you contest democracy, dear“, said.

Maria also criticized President Bolsonaro, who has been reclusive after his defeat at the polls. “Not even that thing next to you [Bolsonaro] it’s trump, because it doesn’t work. Since he lost the election, he’s been on the couch watching Netflix and shredding documents. Or trying to crash the computer to erase the things he did,” he accused.

Finally, Maria promised to make the life of her ex-husband and the PL “a hell” because he contested the result of the polls. “Waldemar, spare me, darling, I’m your ex-wife. I was married to the owner of the congress brothel, I know how you move. You who don’t know how I move here [nos Estados Unidos]“, he declared.

See the full live of Maria Christina Mendes Caldeira:

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