Michèle de Roos: She announces the separation from "Bachelor" Nico Griesert

Michele de Roos
She announces the separation from “Bachelor” Niko Griesert

Niko Griesert and Michele de Roos

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For a long time, Michèle de Roos and Niko Griesert were considered the bachelor dream couple, but for a few months there have been rumors of separation. Now Michèle clarifies the situation and confirms the separation.

In 2021, Michèle de Roos, 29, and Niko Griesert, 31, met and loved each other in the TV format “The Bachelor”. Although the last rose of the former bachelor did not go to Michèle, after the filming the two found each other again through detours. Since then, they have shared their love publicly on Instagram – until the end. But for a few months now there have been regular rumors of separation. Both vacation separately, appearing less and less on each other’s social media platforms. During a question and answer session on Instagram, Michèle now confirms the spatial separation.

Michèle de Roos confirms the separation

“As some of you have already noticed, we have been traveling separately lately,” the formerly second-placed bachelor candidate heralds the relationship update in her Instagram story. She has decided to move into a new apartment in the near future. This However, it should be close to their old apartment, so that Michèle and Niko can continue to look after their dog Callia together.

In her Instagram story, Michèle de Roos announces the spatial separation.

In her Instagram story, Michèle de Roos announces the spatial separation.

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Whether it is just a spatial separation on trial or the final love-off still seems uncertain for the former bachelor couple. “We both don’t know if we’ll find each other again,” the 29-year-old describes the situation. Both still have a few things that they need to clarify with each other first. Michèle and Niko want to find the best solution together.

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