Michel Drucker: the host severely tackled by Chantal Goya who prefers a rival!

Even if she is known for her children’s songs and her shows where the little ones have fun, Chantal Goya has the trigger easy. The companion of Jean-Jacques Debout does not hesitate to say out loud what she thinks of certain celebrities. The great friend of Johnny Hallyday had also sent a small tackle to his widow Laeticia. “Johnny was a lifelong friend, whom we unfortunately no longer saw from the moment he married Laeticia. Which I regret, because we had a great time together.“, she had declared during an interview for Le Journal du Dimanche. And speaking of friends of Taulier, one of his most faithful was also somewhat scratched by the interpreter of Pandi, Panda.

Chantal Goya torpedo Michel Drucker and prefers Patrick Sébastien

Chantal Goya spoke in the newspaper La Provence about today’s television. And the singer seems to have a little bit of nostalgia when she turns on her set. “There are no more variety shows like we could see in the 70s and 80s“, she laments Saturday January 8, before confessing that she”do not like“today’s television.”There are no more direct as proposed by Danièle Gilbert. At the time, an artist came, sang, received a fee. It’s finish“, she regrets also. The one who was a big star in the 70s and 80s admitted to being a fan of talk shows, with these” people who talk “. The opportunity for her to tackle Michel in the process. Drucker, who is “talking on his couch.”The last one who made great variety shows was Patrick Sébastien, but we didn’t keep him when people liked him a lot.“, says Chantal Goya.

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