Michel Cymes: despite the violent criticism in "TPMP"he speaks again on the medical case of Florent Pagny!

These last few months have not been easy for Florent Pagny. And for good reason in January 2022, the singer announced that he was suffering from lung cancer. “JI won’t be able to finish my 60th anniversary tour”, explained the star on the Web. “I have to cancel all of my concerts due to a health problem. Indeed, I have just been diagnosed with a tumor in the lung, a not very sympathetic cancerous tumor which cannot be operated on“.

After giving reassuring news in the media, Florent Pagny again alarmed his fans by confiding in the teams of “Seven to Eight” on March 5, 2023 on his recent medical examinations, the results of which were “worrying”. The day after this exclusive interview, Michel Cymes delivered his analysis on “BFM TV”. Without filter, the favorite doctor of the French thus declared: “By definition cancer can come back, can metastasize. you haven’t seen and which will develop elsewhere in the organism”.

A point of view which earned him the tackles of Matthieu Delormeau on the set “Do not touch My TV”. But never mind! On the occasion of the launch of the campaign “A daffodil against cancer”, on the waves of “RTL” this Monday, March 13, 2023, Michel Cymes welcomed the innumerable speeches of Florent Pagny on his state of health. But also the recent declarations of Arthur Sadoun who recently discovered that he was carrying HPV, a cancer linked to the papillomavirus.

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“I see that things are changing…”

“We are no longer in the taboo disease, as was the case for a while. I even wondered if cancer was not a venereal disease in the 18ᵉ century where everyone was hiding […]”, underlined the sidekick of Adriana Karembeu. And to go further with philosophy: “I see that things are changing and I think that everything Florent Pagny does, what Arthur Sadoun also did with his tonsil cancer linked to the papillomavirus, big boss of Publicis who launched a great campaign for the vaccine of the papillomavirus all that, it is very important”.

For Michel Cymes, it is important – in France – to lift taboos regarding diseases: “People who are affected by cancer already identify with the people they love […] and thinking “I’m not the only one having this”. […]. Talking about Florent Pagny triggers things around screening and that’s very important”. It is said !


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