Michal Novotný in the series hit Devadesátka: The first words about the role of a mobster

A curly hairstyle, a white ponytail worthy of a nineties from the 1990s, and gold rings on almost every finger. Costumes and make-up artists took great care and the result is worth it. Of which the actor himself is aware. “When I took the sheep on my head, sat her on my plump face and put on a white suit, it came out clear Jonák,“ said the actor laughing. “I think I owe ninety percent of my success to the makeup artists, because what they did for the work is incredible.” added for Aha! Novotný, whose acting performance is praised from all sides.

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Martin Finger he took over the role in the 1990s Soups: What was he not doing well about?

“Unbelievable, Michal hacked me like Jonák, excellent, well played,” the audience agrees into one. The actor himself is, of course, pleased with the positive reactions, but he does not want it to be all about Jonák. The miniseries are inspired by real cases investigated by a former elite criminologist Josef Mareš (58), who is responsible for the script and also participated in the series Cases of the 1st Department, which is to be preceded by the Ninety.

Discoland Sylvia also came to life

Of course, in order for Jonák’s character to be perfect, his Discoland Sylvia also had to come to life. He killed his wife because of a well-known disco in Prague, because the whole business was written on her and Jonák learned that she planned to sell it. He then spent 18 years in prison. The staff therefore set out for Libna, Prague, where the building of the former vice’s lair stands.

Ivan Jonák’s funeral: Who came to say goodbye?

In the original Discoland, we managed to find authentic parts that were placed on the facade in the 1990s. The modified exterior of Discoland was preserved in agreement with the owners and after the shooting. However, the interiors are already very damaged, so a spare space had to be found for shooting the interiors.

They had almost 2 million spectators

The first part of the 1990s broke the audience record. It was watched by 1.883 million viewers over the age of 15, making the series the most watched show of all day on Sunday and also still holds the lead of the most watched television news since the beginning of the year. It thus builds on the success of the 1st Department Cases, which held a viewership of 1.7 – 1.8 million viewers in both series.

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