Michaela Stone, detective and heroine in "Manifest"Netflix’s furious series


The appearance of streaming platforms allow us small luxuries such as access to series that we would never see otherwise (at least legally) but also that there is an industry “B”: that of fictions that are canceled and then rescued for satisfy the captive public that is “abandoned”.

It is the case of “manifest”, drama and mystery series released in 2018 that after three seasons was picked up by its original network, NBC, in the United States, and then bought by Netflix, which will be in charge of closing it by producing a fourth installment.

So it is that the mass public of Latin America discovered a few weeks ago this captivating and addictive story -produced by the prestigious Robert Zemeckis– about the passengers of an airplane who go through a strange storm in flight, and upon landing they discover that They were missing for 5 and a half years.

The three protagonists of “Manifesto”.

The shock of their family and friends, the effects on society of this mystery impossible to solve -some believe they are gods, others that they are dangerous beings- the impotence of the authorities to explain the phenomenon… and they, the passengers, that They will try to pick up their lives where they left off.

The ruthless detective from “Manifest”

One of the protagonists is Michaela Stone (melissa roxburgh), who was traveling with his brother and nephew. She is a police detective and was about to say “yes” to her boyfriend’s marriage proposal, also a police officer. Shortly after returning she discovers that in his absence many things happened, some painful, but he soon becomes obsessed with finding out what really happened to that plane when strange consequences begin to unfold all around him.

The Canadian actress told about her character: “Michaela doesn’t feel ready to face everything that happens when her plane returns. She’s a tragic character, but she’s also very strong, she knows who she is, but she’s dealing with a lot of things. What I liked about Michaela is that she doesn’t he’s a victim.”

“She is a tragic character, but she is also very strong, she knows who she is, but she is dealing with a lot of things. She is not a victim”

There is an unavoidable impression when seeing “manifest”: a certain reminiscence to “Lost”, that iconic series that practically inaugurated modern fanaticism for this type of fiction and established the “marathoning” of episodes.

In this regard, Roxburgh told the portal showbizjunkies: “Yeah, I mean, it has that similarity of being a drama that originates from an airplane and it’s all a mystery, so I really hope people who liked ‘Lost’ will like this series. It’s quite different in a lot of ways.” other ways, and to be really honest, I didn’t see ‘Lost’! haha. I would have to.”

The actress concluded that “I think ‘Manifest’ is more focused on familiar characters, on the relationship between them. The central theme for me is what would you do if you had a second chance at life? What decisions would you make? Who would you treat differently?”.


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