Michaela Kociánová on Mareš’s exile: He forced me into a make-up!

Leoš Mareš he told me I should go to the makeup and to the hairdresser before we go to dinner. I said why and he to be beautiful after all, “she confided in the Slovak show Diskusní klub Startitup about a three-month acquaintance. “He still wanted me to look like I was on the cover of a fashion magazine. But in reality I don’t make up at all, I pull my hair in a ponytail, put on jeans, a tank top and go. So I told him that I also don’t want him to moderate my diet, “she snapped. Kociánová she is one of the chosen beauties who was the angel of the famous Victoria’s Secret shows. And she is still a highly sought-after model and jury member of the Schwarzkopf Elite Model Look competition. In 2004, it ranked silver.

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Final in Prague

The most prestigious modeling competition in the world, the Elite Model Look, which is attended by hundreds of thousands of people from more than 45 countries every year, knows the names of the winners for the Czech Republic – Julie Krzywoń and Richard Reischig. The world finals will be in Prague at the end of August after fifteen years.

Michaela Kociánová

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