Michael Vaughan tried to troll Sourav Ganguly for praising Team India, people showed mirror

Team India is being praised everywhere from social media to the corridors of cricket after winning the Oval Test against England. However, there are some people who are unable to digest the victory of the Indian team. It also includes the name of former England cricket team captain Michael Vaughan.

Actually, after India’s victory at the Oval, Sourav Ganguly tweeted in praise of Team India. On this Michael Vaughan tried to troll him. However, people showed him a mirror based on the figures. Sourav Ganguly wrote on Twitter after the team’s victory, ‘Great performance.. difference in skill, but the biggest difference is strength to withstand pressure.. Indian cricket is way ahead of others.’

Michael Vaughan retweeted this tweet by Sourav Ganguly. Vaughan wrote, ‘Only in test cricket.. not in white ball cricket.’ After this people started answering Michael Vaughan. The special thing is that foreigners are also included in the respondents.

@Cric_beat wrote, ‘In the last five years there have been 3 ODI series between the two teams. Of these, India has won 2, while England has won only one. There have been 3 T20 series. Of these, England has lost every series against India. @FoodOutta wrote, ‘It is not difficult to digest defeat… the truth feels bitter…. Your boys have lost badly.

@Shubham_banna__ wrote, ‘Last 6 white ball series were played between India and England, out of which India won 5. Want some more records Vaughn?’ @thatsmePalak wrote, ‘Too hard for Vaughn to digest the truth!’

@Vamsi41383993 wrote, ‘English team luckily won the ODI World Cup… where ICC won the match by boundaries instead of score. Such a rule made England the winner of the World Cup 2019 and you guys think that England wins by hard work….

@ScarlettWarrior wrote, ‘Come on Michael. We all know that test cricket is the real cricket…. Other formats are just ways to trick people into loving cricket!’

@surajit77098741 wrote, ‘Michael, keep teasing like this and keep losing!’ @Nivrittib wrote, ‘Michael Vaughan won’t you have dinner tonight?’ Apart from this, many more people have shared comments and funny memes.

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