Michael Schumacher: his former agent atomizes Corinna, the pilot’s wife and throws everything on his "behaviour" strange after the accident!

Since his skiing accident in 2013, Michael Schumacher has never reappeared in public and the mystery surrounding his health remains unsolved… Almost a decade of speculation that could well be over! And for good reason, the former manager of the champion, Willi Weber recently spoke in the columns of the Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sporte.

Indeed, the one who made his fortune thanks to Michael Schumacher, seven times world champion, gave a rare interview to the press on July 19 on the occasion of the publication of his book “Essence in the blood”… But curiously, the latter did not mention the F1 driver, but the latter’s wife: Corinna Schumacher.

“I did everything for Michael and always protected his privacy. I did not expect such behavior from him. I’m still pissed off at how she ended her relationship with me.”did he declare.

And to recall the day of the accident: “That day, I was at an event and my phone rang. A friend tells me that Michael had a skiing accident but it doesn’t seem that bad. Then he tells me that they are taking him to Grenoble. I call his wife, she doesn’t answer. I call Jean Todt to find out if it’s worth going to the hospital. He tells me to wait, it’s too early. »

“I call back the following days and no one answers me. So I let a few days pass so as not to disturb, but I begin to understand that they want to keep me away from all that. It was a huge pain for me. I tried hundreds of times to contact Corinna. I can understand the starting situation but then I only heard lies from them,” finally concluded the former manager, Willi Weber, who experienced this dismissal very badly…

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Lisa Ziane

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