Michael Schumacher: 9 years after his accident, the astronomical sum of his medical expenses FINALLY revealed

Michael Schumacher’s life changed completely during the month of December 2013. While on vacation with his family, the Formula 1 world champion suffered a terrible skiing accident. Since then, the pilot’s condition remains a mystery. His wife, Corinna Betsch, does everything possible to protect her husband from prying eyes. But some of his relatives sometimes spill the beans. Recently, Giorgio Terruzzi, journalist for Corriere della Sera, made some sad revelations. ” Schumi is crying. And sometimes mysteriously. He cries when he hears his children, his wife’s voice, his dogs. In the silence of this room, a tear runs down her thin face at a known sound. There is life, enclosed in a drop – there is the strength of a man who moves and moves each of us. We have her tears, her senses exposed “wrote the latter.

“I will always do my best”

A few years earlier, a relative also testified in the columns of Paris Match. ” When you put him in his wheelchair facing the magnificent panorama of the mountains overlooking the lake, Michael sometimes cries “. Words that seem to join those of Giorgio Terruzzi. If the information concerning the state of health of the racing driver is rather vague, La Gazzetta dello Sport would have made a major discovery on the care of the former champion. According to the Italian daily, the medical expenses paid each year by the family of Michael Schumacher would amount to 10 million euros. A hell of a sum that his wife and children would have a hard time paying. Ready to do anything to meet the needs of her husband, Corinna would then have sold many goods. ” We’re doing everything we can to improve his condition so he’s comfortable. […] No matter what, I will always do my best “, explained the latter in a recent documentary dedicated to the life of the pilot. A beautiful proof of love.


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