Michael J. Fox reviewed Back to the Future at Christmas: "At some point I disappeared …"

Michael J. Fox said he saw Back to the Future last Christmas and was surprised by the beauty of the film!

Back to the Future is one of the most loved films of all time. As happens to many actors, too Michael J. Fox is part of that group of performers who do not like to see themselves on the big screen after the premiere. Still, the eternal boy said he felt the urge to see Robert Zemeckis’ film again last Christmas.

Back to the Future: Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox in a scene from the film

In an interview with CBS Mornings, Michael J. Fox revealed that he did a rewatch of Back to the Future at Christmas 2020. The actor said: “We were decorating the Christmas tree and I went to get something in the other room. The TV was on and they were just playing Back to the Future. By the way, the movie had just started. Then after about 20 minutes my family realized that I was gone, I was no longer decorating the tree. It took about 20 minutes or half an hour to understand that the dog and I were gone! They asked me what I was doing and for which why I decided to watch Back to the Future. And I said, “It’s really good! I’m really good at this movie!”. I didn’t realize it. All that crazy stuff was good. It was just what I was doing to survive at the moment”.

The fact that Marty McFly himself fell in love with the film shows just how endearing it is. Michael J. Fox recalled what it was like to shoot the blockbuster and a hit TV series at the same time. The actor revealed: “My performance in that movie was just trying to be alive and authentic … I was doing House Keaton by day and Back to the Future by night. So I sat in front of the TV and thought, ‘Wow, that guy did right. He had a lot to do during that time but he fulfilled the role and did a good job. ‘”.

Written by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale, Back to the Future was followed by the two sequels Back to the Future – Part II and Back to the Future – Part III, shot back to back.

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