Michael is furious with Disney World after booking a 6,000 euro stay: “Can’t have someone to talk to”

In January 2020, 57-year-old Michael Callaghan booked a vacation to Disney World Orlando, Florida. This Briton from Worcester was unable to travel to the United States because of the health crisis, but was still debited for the € 6,000 that the trip cost him.

Initially, he was offered vouchers for a reservation the following year, which he accepted, but the family ended up asking for a refund in July 2021: “It was the 25th anniversary of the park and Staying there was therefore overpriced. »

No news

“After almost ten months, I still have no news. Impossible to have someone to talk to, I have the impression of being confronted with a wall, ”he explains. A British Airways spokesperson said the company apologized for the delays and confirmed that Michael would be reimbursed.

As a reminder, if an airline cancels your holiday, you are automatically entitled to a refund or rebooking on another flight.

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