Michael Flatley: "Lord of the Dance"-Star has developed an aggressive form of cancer

Michael Flatley
“Lord of the Dance” star diagnosed with cancer

Michael Flatley in late 2021 on “The Giovanni Zarrella Show”.

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Dancer Michael Flatley has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. It is currently unknown how he is doing.

Dancer Michael Flatley, 64, has been diagnosed with an “aggressive type of cancer.” This was shared on his official social media channels. It is currently unclear how Flatley is doing.

Michael Flatley has had surgery

“Dear friends, we have something personal to share with you. Michael Flatley has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer,” the post reads. A black and white photo was released of Flatley looking out over the water on a beach. The dancer has already had an operation and “an excellent team of doctors” is taking care of him. No further details are forthcoming at this time, but we do ask for well wishes and prayers for Flatley.

Michael Flatley was born in 1958 and has Irish roots. The dancer became known worldwide for his intermission “Riverdance” at the Eurovision Song Contest 1994 and rousing dance shows such as “Lord of the Dance”, “Feet of Flames” and “Celtic Tiger”.

A TV viewer discovered Flatley’s skin cancer

As early as 2003, he was “accidentally” diagnosed with skin cancer, a malignant melanoma, as he later explained to the “Sunday Independent”. As part of an anniversary of his “Lord of the Dance” show in Las Vegas, he gave an interview to the MTV broadcaster. A spectator pointed out a brown spot on Flatley’s face to the dancer’s assistant. He went to see a doctor who could treat him soon enough.

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