Michael Ballack: Michael Ballack dedicates heartbreaking lines to deceased son

Emilio Ballack’s life was taken far too early a year ago. Simone and Michael Ballack’s son died in a tragic quad bike accident. Today marks the first anniversary of his death.

August 5, 2021 was a day that changed the lives of Simone, 46, and Michael Ballack, 45, forever: their son Emilio died in a quad accident on the family property in Portugal. Emilio was only 18 years old.

Michael Ballack prays for his deceased son

Today marks the first anniversary of his death. It is hard to imagine how difficult this day must be for Michael and Simone Ballack and their two sons Louis, 20, and Jordi, 17. Nevertheless, the former professional soccer player speaks up on his Instagram account – with heartbreaking lines. “My lovely angel, I remember your laughter, happiness and joy.. I remember your light.. with much love, and much emotion, today I will pray for your soul to rest in peace.. I will pray for your brothers too,” writes Michael Ballack on a photo of his deceased son from happy days. “I hold you tight in my heart,” assures the 45-year-old.

Simone Ballack: “Of course there are days when I don’t want to get up”

In an interview with “RTL Exklusiv” in mid-June, Simone Ballack spoke about the premature death of her son. To this day, she remembers this moment “every day”. “You don’t think about that day in particular. You remember that shock a bit,” she said. When she received the tragic news, she also worked “like a machine”. “You know you have to function now. You fly there now and […] go see him again. […] You would probably swim over there if you had to,” explained the 46-year-old. She also revealed that there are of course days when she doesn’t want to get up. “I want to stay in bed and cry,” she said Honest 46-year-old Nevertheless, she emphasized that she would not allow it and was trying to continue For herself, her children Louis and Jordi – and for Emilio.

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