Mica Viciconte revealed Nicole Neumann’s reaction to her pregnancy with Fabián Cubero

Although it was known a long time ago because it had been revealed Fernando Piaggio on “The Show Run Run” by Chronicle HD, Mica Viciconte thrilled everyone in “MasterChef Celebrity 3“when confirming that you are pregnant with Fabian Cubero.

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The ex “Combat“He shared the tender moment through his social networks in which they told his whole family, including the former soccer player’s daughters, with Nicole Neumann, who were in sweet expectation of their first child together, whom they decided to call Luca.


In the middle of the organization that you have to carry out before the birth of your firstborn, Mica visited “Cut by Lozano“and revealed how Nicole Neumann reacted to the news of her pregnancy.

Although it was not direct at all, as soon as it was known that the couple is expecting a child, the model shared an enigmatic phrase in their networks that left everyone thinking: “Thank you for who I am, thank you for everything in my life, thank you for everything that left, thank you for the new opportunities, thank you for my health, thank you for every experience. Thank you thank you thank you“.

In that sense, the participant of “MasterChef Celebrity 3“She assured that she did not receive any message from her boyfriend’s ex-partner:”No, no, nothing, nothing. Nothing happens, I am happy and it seems to me that it is the important thing”.

Later, Veronica Lozano she remained very positive due to a possible improvement in her family bond: “The situation of happiness of the assembled family and all that question is going to arrive”. Then, Viciconte agreed with the driver: “In the video where we tell everyone you can see how my mom, my mom’s boyfriend, my dad are all together; I take it in a more natural way, and it’s like that”.

Look what Mica Viciconte said about Nicole Neumann!

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