Mia Wagner says goodbye to ‘Løvens hule’: Thanks for the trust

DR announced on Monday that Mia Wagner is no longer part of the entrepreneurial program ‘Løvens hule’.

Instead of her and Jan Lehrmann, the women Anne Stampe and Louise Herping take the chairs in the program.

Now the businesswoman is putting words to her departure from the program.

She does so in a post on Instagram.

Dear ‘Lion’s den’, thank you for this time. Dear you, who have cheered me on and sent me the most beautiful roses along the way. Thank you for helping to give me the courage to take my place as Denmark’s only active female lioness,’ she writes at the beginning.

Mia Wagner says that viewers can look forward to next season, as the new lionesses have ‘a lot on their minds’.

In addition, she thanks the collaboration with the other lions Jesper Buch, Jacob Risgaard, Christian Arnstedt and Jan Lehrmann.

‘Thank you for fun and educational hours in the studio and a respectful, warm and professional collaboration when the cameras are off. You all have my utmost respect and loyalty.’

Finally, the Nordic Female Founder thanks all those who have shown her trust through the programs.

‘Thank you to the entrepreneurs who have shown me trust along the way and who have had the courage to show Denmark that you can go your own way and follow your creative urge. We will probably see each other again soon, when new projects arise in our wake.’

BT has tried to get an in-depth comment from Mia Wagner about her resignation, but she has not returned.

There is still no official date for when the new season of ‘Løvens hule’ will be broadcast on DR.

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