Mia Tindall: How cute! Here she is Mama’s Mini-Me

The royal looks of the day in the GALA ticker: Mia Tindall and Zara Tindall in a partner look at a horse show +++ Queen Letizia wears an outfit consisting exclusively of new parts +++ Alessandra de Osma poses in a glamorous jumpsuit.

Exciting looks of the royals in the GALA ticker:

August 6, 2022

Mia Tindall and Zara Tindall in a sweet partner look at the horse show

Zara Tindall, 41, is a keen equestrian and her daughter Mia, 8, is already emulating her. The two are guests at “The Festival of Eventing Gatcombe Horse Trials” in Minchinhampton and have apparently agreed on fashion! Mom and daughter wear dark blue polo shirts and denim shorts.

Mia also goes to the horse festival in a shirt and denim shorts

Mia also goes to the horse festival in a shirt and denim shorts

© Dana Press

The shirts should be part of the event, but it shouldn’t be a coincidence that both of them combine jeans shorts with them. The eight-year-old probably took her mom’s example.

Zara Tindall at the Festival of Eventing Gatcombe Horse Trials

Zara Tindall at the Festival of Eventing Gatcombe Horse Trials

© Dana Press

Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter also wears a black cap and sunglasses as well as black sneakers. Her daughter wears no other accessories, except for a sugar-sweet refreshment in her hand.

August 5, 2022

Queen Letizia has a whole new look

Actually, Letizia from Spain, 49, has stayed true to her look for years and likes to rely on pieces that are so universal that she can wear them at different public appearances. But what is striking about her latest outfit is that the 49-year-old is taking a new fashion course and breaking out of her tried-and-tested style scheme. At the reception of the Balearic authorities in Palma de Mallorca, Letizia’s off-shoulder dress with a cactus pattern by Aryana immediately catches the eye. She styled it with Calzados Orange Picon and gold branch earrings by Isabel Guarch.

Queen Letizia shows off a completely new summer ensemble.

Queen Letizia shows off a completely new summer ensemble.

© Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

The special thing about the look: the Spaniard has never worn any of the pieces before. Unusually, Letizia usually recycles at least one element of her best shirt wardrobe for a new outfit. But the courage to wear new clothes is rewarded and Letizia’s tanned skin comes into its own with the new styling.

August 4, 2022

New glamor photos by Alessandra de Osma

Alessandra de Osma, 34, has ended her active modeling career, but she is still in front of the camera for her own label and selected fashion brands. On Instagram she posts the latest pictures that were taken during a shoot. The wife of Prince Christian of Hanover poses in a jumpsuit by Massimo Dutti. The dark blue one-piece suit is not only an eye-catcher from the front with the knotted chest and shoulder area, there are also tied details on the back that make the piece something special. The flowing satin-look fabric caresses the body of the 34-year-old without revealing too much of her silhouette. Although Alessandra, affectionately known as “Sassa”, isn’t wearing a luxury label here, the jumpsuit is no bargain. The one-piece costs about 250 euros and is from the current collection.

Alessandra de Osma’s followers are enthusiastic about the new pictures and go into raptures. “Beautiful”, “So timeless and so chic” or “Nice as always”, it says under the pictures.

August 3, 2022

Princess Noor: She shows herself on Instagram in a sexy dress

The Princess of Jordan’s Instagram account has been quiet for months. Now Noor Pahlaví, 30, is back with a holiday photo for her followers and shows herself in front of a dreamlike backdrop in an outfit that is particularly sexy. Noor wears a figure-hugging dress in white, which exudes a real summer feeling and underlines her beautiful complexion. Absolute eye-catcher: the high leg slit and large cut-outs at the waist of the princess.

Noor loves to dress stylishly and form-fitting. In the past, she had often shown herself in garments with a wide open back or a sophisticated décolleté. In terms of fashion, she is a role model for her fans, who are also over the moon with the white dress. With this support and the summery look, the 30-year-old can certainly enjoy her vacation even more.

August 2, 2022

Sophie of Wessex’ style is more popular than expected

Along with Prince Edward, 58, and Lady Louise Windsor, 18, Countess Sophie, 57, is attending the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. The 57-year-old is known for her chic yet understated style. She’s spotted at the games in a summery look. She wowed the nation in a floral skirt combo by ME+EM and a navy blue blouse by ARossGirl x Soler Brooke.

Sophie of Wessex in Birmingham

Sophie of Wessex in Birmingham

© Max Mumby / Getty Images

Usually, Kate Middleton is known for her outfits selling out everywhere in seconds. Until now: Sophie of Wessex is causing a similar hype. Mankind pounces on the great look of the fashion icon. On the ME+EM website you can see that the skirt is even a favorite of the week and two sizes are completely sold out. With the beautiful summer look, it’s no surprise that fashion lovers now want this it-piece in their closet!

August 1, 2022

Talita von Fürstenberg: Is that the summer color par excellence?

The 23-year-old is a role model for many fashionistas in this world: Talita von Fürstenberg, 23, presents her latest outfits on Instagram, inspiring thousands of fans. Even now she seems to have discovered a trend for herself again. Because if you look at her latest it-pieces, you’ll notice that she’s increasingly using the color orange. In one of her latest Instagram photos, Talita is seen wearing an orange one-shoulder dress and smiling. Her maxi dress in crochet look fits perfectly into the dream setting.

The Alaric Maxi Dress, designed by her mother, also hints at the beauty’s favorite color trend. She poses on the balcony of her holiday resort and evokes the ultimate summer feeling in the orange wrap dress. Talita von Fürstenberg has definitely discovered her go-to holiday colour!

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