Mhow News: Love for nation is reflected in Hindi language

Mhow (Representative of New Zealand). For nationalism, we need to enrich our people’s language Hindi more. The poem centered on Veer Mata Rani Durgavati brings a sense of bravery. Hindi is the language of patriotism.

This was stated by the Chief Guest of the National Poetry Conference organized under the Hindi Pakhwada in Dr. Ambedkar University, Prof. Vice Chancellor of Atal Bihari Bajpai University, Bilaspur. adn. Bajpai said. Through his poetry, he inspired people for the love of the nation by reciting the poems of Rani Durgavati’s bravery and her might. President Vice Chancellor Prof. Asha Shukla said that listening to the saga of patriotism and valor of our brave heroes in their mother tongue makes the mind happy. We have to make Hindi the language of world contact. Many eminent poets of the country joined the Kavi Sammelan, in which Dr. Yash Malviya, bypassing the concerns of the future of Hindi, said that it is enough now, do not enslave Hindi, do not be afraid of the future of the language, in dirty water The poetry of Diya Sirao Mat was well-liked by the audience. Dr. Rishi Shringari narrated the humour, Dr. Vinod Srivastava recited the poem of nationalism and the young poet Anupam Pathak recited the poetry of love and Awadh in Hindi. Dr. Narendra Deepak, senior poet, conducted it. Thank you Dr. Manisha Saxena.

To solve the problem, we need to enrich our language.

No nation can prosper without its own language. We should always think about the overall development of language. There is a need to enrich our language to find solutions to problems.

This was stated by Prof. Tripura Central University in the International Webinar organized in Dr. Ambedkar University. Vinod Kumar Mishra says Pro. Mishra said that it is unfortunate to deprive a society of its own language. Language is the support of culture. The new education policy has given us emphasis on our linguistic self-reliance. Vice Chancellor Prof. Asha Shukla said that teachers will have to set a paradigm by bringing totality and comprehensiveness in Hindi subject. Teachers will have to try again to get the pride of mother tongue. The issue of language is very influential in the national education policy. Indian Education Board is also making a lot of effort.

Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University, Wardha Prof. Harish Arora said that a teacher is the creator of the nation. Hindi has to be brought into contemplation and practicality. Shillong Prof. Hitendra Mishra said that languages ​​are also a matter of contemplation in the North-East regions. National Education Policy is formulated on the basis of achieving full human potential and equitable development of human beings in a diverse country. Professor Kalpana of Sayajirao University said that education means all round development of mind and soul. Education in mother tongue develops man. Dr. Ambedkar’s thought was that education should be accessible, equal and accessible to all without discrimination.

Professor Sadanand Bhosale said that students of the language should be motivated for translation. Indigenous language has been encouraged in the curriculum of the National Education Policy so that the society can be all round. Efforts are being made by the National Policy to make Hindi the language of employment. The guest introduction and theme introduction was created by Dr. Shailesh Shukla, Editor-in-Chief of Australia. Dr. Manoj Gupta did the operation, thanked Dr. Ramshankar.

Planting saplings on the birthday of Prime Minister

Gautampura. On the birthday of the Prime Minister, NAP planted a tree by fencing the government land near Tappa’s office. Naib Tehsildar Vinod Pathak, Chief NAPA Officer Raja Yadav, Former Municipal Council President Chaitanya Bhavsar, Former NP Vice President Vinod Gurjar, Prabhu Gurjar, Abhay Singh Bhati Ajay Bhavsar were present.

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