Mexican rapper dan sur hot his hair removed and got a gold chain said it will help in career

Gold Chain Implantation: These days people do anything to make them look different. Even take it to the next level. Something similar has been done by a 23-year-old Mexican rapper. He removed all the hair from his head. She has got a gold chain installed in its place. The photo of this rapper named Dan Sur is now becoming quite viral on social media.

gold chain instead of hair

Dan Sur has posted a photo of his new look on Instagram. In which a gold chain is seen hanging on his face. The rapper has put a bunch of gold chains in the skull through an operation.

Career will help

Dan said a hook had been put in the head. Gold chains are attached to other hooks with the help of the same hook. The rapper claims that this new look will help in his music career.

wanted to do something different

Dan Sur said I wanted to do something different. I see that everyone colors their hair. I’m sure not everyone will copy me. The rapper said, he is the first person in the world to have a gold chain on his skull. All his photos and videos have gone viral.

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