Mexican fans take over the streets of Qatar and ‘fight’ the Argentines

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More and more Latinos are arriving in Qatar to enjoy the greatest world football party. At the moment, the Mexicans are taking the recognition to the “better swollen” and this viral video in TikTok check it out. Several ‘Tri’ fans took over the streets and took the opportunity to ‘fight’ the Argentines, their rival in the group stage.

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As can be seen in the record published by the user Mafer Curiel (@mafercuriiel), the Qataris put aside what they were doing at that moment and began to record the Mexican fans with their cell phones.

The reason? a group of ‘Tri’ fans took over the streets and are, so far, the ones who are making their voices heard the most in Qatar. These curiously have joined with the Argentines.

But why do we say curiously? Both teams will meet on November 26, in Lusail, for date 2 of Group C of the group stage of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

At the moment everything is laughter between both hobbies and this is reflected in the viral video published by Mafer, in which Mexicans are seen ‘fighting’ Argentines, as a way of transmitting their culture.

Watch the viral video here

@mafercuriiel And it still hasn’t started!! 🙌🏼✨🇲🇽 #qatar #qatar2022 #tiktoksports #worldcup #worldcup2022 ♬ original sound – Mafer Curiel 💛

As expected, the clip quickly went viral on TikTok and generated all kinds of reactions about it. “There are no two like Mexico”, “Mexico setting the atmosphere anywhere in the world”, “We are a mess”, are some of the comments that can be read.

Shakira “present”

In other video posted by the same user, the Argentine and Mexican fans organized the party in the Qatar Metro to the rhythm of Shakira’s “Waka Waka”. In Mag we tell you why she canceled her presentation at the opening of Qatar 2022.

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