Metaverse: the next evolution of the internet?

The metaverse emerges in the 90s, its creator Neal Stephenson, who shows it as a universe with the ability to merge the way of life and the real universe with the imaginary and virtual ones. You can learn more about bitcoin trading by referring to this link

Integration between virtual reality and the real world

It is the new evolution and trend of the internet, which has gained space in the creation of video games, which have been developed by implementing blockchain technology, making use of cryptocurrencies (DeFi)

Not only video games are related to this innovation, large companies such as Facebook, Walmart and eBay have also invested in this technology that promises to bring great returns.

The objective of these investments is to integrate the metaverse into the real world, which will mean the greatest technological revolution in the coming years.

The metaverse appears in all areas of modern and current society, carrying out all kinds of activities such as playing, traveling, investing and even working remotely and more efficiently than traditional ones.

This transformation of reality brought to the virtual universe will have greater importance in education, where the way of teaching will be totally interactive.

Metaverse Goals

For this New Year 2022, we will probably visualize the first Metaverses, which will evolve and become more complex, implementing features and news in the coming years.

After Mark Zuckerberg spoke about changing Facebook’s name to Meta, he was in favor of four metaverse-related cryptocurrencies having excellent chances of development and credibility by 2022.

On the other hand, we find the monetization of the metaverse through digital currencies used as a means of exchange in games created in the metaverse, where users have fun while generating income or, failing that, acquire various cryptoactives or assets in the Metaverse. .

Most of these coins are based on Etherum technology, where smart contracts lead the way.

Some of the most ostentatious acquisitions are the purchase of real estate or real estate.

These cryptocurrencies are in a capitalization of less than 1,000 million dollars, which are:

The metaverse will be a new way of seeing everyday life, thanks to technological advances many benefits are obtained in personal life

Today even reality will be digitized, we must be part of it, to get the best out of it without any rejection, human ingenuity has no limits and more when it comes to seeking and pursuing its good and satisfaction.

Everything revolves around the benefit and economic production that is the background of all these modern technologies in addition to facilitating daily processes.

Many of the less recognized cryptocurrencies with all these new technologies will have the possibility to make themselves known and grow to reach higher places in the markets and demands of cryptocurrencies.

The support given to cryptocurrencies allows people to be interested and thus not invest directly in them but in their products and services that they offer in general.

Metaverse is synonymous with radical change in the current reality of the internet, a fiction that will drive the development and evolution of many more aspects of life, such as the economy, the digitization of learning, leisure distractions, and many more aspects.


The universe is changing and will never stop, always seeking excellence and innovating life to give way to new technological booms that allow knowledge to be expanded and applied in different areas of society.

More and more cryptocurrencies will be present in our environments, with the sole purpose of improving them and offering us new and better possibilities for the future, especially financial and economic development, from this we can achieve the others.

At this point, this type of concept seems like fiction to us, but it is pure reality, because after the pandemic, technology took over the different areas of action of the human being, only that it had not been shown before our eyes in such an exponential way.

While contemporaries between the ages of 50 and 70 view this Metaverse with fear because of the changes it represents in terms of the concept of finances and investments in the future, young people aged 15 and older find it increasingly attractive because they can obtain riches that their age in the real world could represent a long time to reach them.

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