“Messina Denaro had a palace in Venice: today he is ill and ready to be arrested”

Matthew Messina Money was in Venetoin the province of Treviso, but also in Venice, where he had a palace and could count on a pass to enter the Casino. The newspaper tells it The Gazzettinoreporting the statements of the repentant Emanuele Merenda and those of Salvatore Baiardothe man who managed the brothers’ fugitive Giuseppe and Filippo Graviano in Northern Italy.

According to Merenda, the last super-fugitive of Cosa Nostra went to Veneto in 2014, guest of a Palermo, Vincenzo Centineo, a long time resident in Salgaredain the province of Treviso. Merenda’s statements were already known, but The Gazzettino he relaunches them, reporting some statements by Baiardo, ice cream maker, former city councilor of Omegna, on Lake Orta. In the 1990s it was Baiardo who managed the hiding of the Gravianos, the bosses of Brancaccio closely linked to Messina Money: Baiardo himself has repeatedly told of holidays spent together with the three mafiosi in the summer of 1993, that of the massacres of Milan, Rome And Florence.

Interviewed by Gazzettinotoday Baiardo confirms the presence in Veneto from Messina Money but also that the latter, probably through a front name, also had a palace in Venice where he had taken refuge, even managing to obtain a pass to attend the Lagoon casino. According to Baiardo, Messina Denaro would be today seriously ill and would even be ready to get arrested. It should be emphasized that Baiardo is not a collaborator of justice, and was convicted for aiding and abetting the bosses of Brancaccio.

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