Messi at PSG, he still doesn’t understand

Last summer, PSG made a totally unexpected move by recruiting Lionel Messi, at the end of his contract with FC Barcelona.

On a sporting level, Lionel Messi’s first season was not a great success. Collectively, Paris Saint-Germain did not achieve their goals and individually, the former captain of FC Barcelona did not bring as much as was hoped. At the time of his signing, however, PSG pulled off a huge marketing stunt, especially as signing Lionel Messi seemed totally impossible. And for good reason, La Pulga was very close to an extension within its training club Barça. In an interview with TyC Sport, Leandro Paredes has confirmed that in the space of 24 hours everything has changed for Lionel Messi’s future. And for good reason, everything was complete for Messi’s extension to Barça before the Argentinian signed up to everyone’s surprise in favor of PSG.

Messi’s extension at Barça has flipped

“We had seen him in Ibiza the day before, and he was leaving the next day to sign with his club (Barça), that was all. We still told him: ‘come with us’ but he said to us: ‘I’ve already arranged everything, tomorrow I’m traveling to sign’. Then I don’t know what happened on that trip to Barcelona because the very night he was going to sign the contract he told us he was coming.” said Leandro Paredes, very close to Lionel Messi at PSG, before continuing. “At first, we obviously didn’t believe him. When he told me that he had already arranged everything and that he was going to Paris to sign the contract, I said to him: ‘until you sign and I see you with the Paris shirt Saint-Germain, I won’t believe you'” launched Paredes, who concluded his interview by regretting the whistles that Lionel Messi has faced at the Parc des Princes in recent weeks. “When they whistled it I couldn’t believe it, these are things we can’t handle but it was really crazy. You suffer because knowing what Leo is, what he generates and what he gives you, what he tries to do for the club and the way the truth is presented is boring” regretted Leandro Paredes, who will not only make friends with PSG supporters, thus criticizing the choice of supporters to whistle Lionel Messi, whose second season in the French capital will have to be of a different caliber if he wants to put the Parc des Princes in the pocket.

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