Messi at PSG, Barça surprises everyone

PSG dreams of striking a big blow by extending Lionel Messi if the season goes well. FC Barcelona tumbles to break all that.

Of the three huge PSG stars, Lionel Messi is undoubtedly the one who has had the quietest summer. Kylian Mbappé put an end to months of rumors to announce to everyone’s surprise that he was extending to Paris, and Neymar is still more or less pushed out by his leaders. The Argentinian is in the middle of his two-year contract with Paris SG, and absolutely no one is pushing him out despite his disappointing first season. At 35, he got used to life in Paris and was convinced he could do much better. Given the legend he represents, his marketing contribution and the comfort offered by his Parisian contract, no departure is in sight.

Barca owe Messi a debt

His adventure at PSG therefore continues calmly. The agitation is on the side of FC Barcelona where President Joan Laporta, who pushed Lionel Messi out a year ago, obviously wants to restore his image. In an interview on ESPN, he simply said that he was going to do everything in his power to bring La Pulga back to Barça. ” I think, I hope Leo Messi’s story with Barcelona isn’t over yet. It’s still open, it’s our responsibility to make sure it ends better than it did. He deserves a better ending than he got. Morally, I think I did what I had to do. But as Barca president, I feel indebted to Messi “, explained a Joan Laporta who had indeed not really had time to reserve an end worthy of the name for his number 10.

It must be said that, 2-3 days before announcing his departure, the Argentinian still confided to his relatives and his teammates that he was going to quietly extend in his forever club. The slap was therefore immense, and Joan Laporta fully assumed that it was not just a question of money, since no negotiation had taken place, the door to an extension being simply closed. This did not prevent the Catalan president from spending big on the transfer market only a few months later. But at a time when PSG is considering extending Lionel Messi’s contract for an additional year, FC Barcelona has obviously decided to put a spoke in Nasser Al-Khelaïfi’s wheels and play on the sensitive chord of the feelings of a return home for the seven-time Ballon d’Or.

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