Mery del Cerro spoke of the confrontation between her friends, Paula Chaves and Zaira Nara: "There are conflicts that…"

In recent weeks there has been speculation about the end of the friendship between Paula Cháves, Zaira Nara and Mery del Cerro, due to problems of jealousy and resentment. In addition, it was made public a trip between Pedro Alfonso’s wife and the couple from Meme Bouquet. However, the former “Almost angels” He came out to clarify the situation and explained how things are between the models.

What did Mery del Cerro say about her friendship with Paula Cháves and Zaira Nara?

The distance between the conductor of “Bake Off Argentina” and the sister of Wanda Nara would have arisen, since Zaira was romantically related to an ex of Chaves. After her split with Jakob Von PlessenNara would have started a romance with Facundo “Polito” Pieres, who also spoke about his relationship with the model.

“There was a lot of talk about your friendship or enmity with Zaira”commented the chronicler of “Intruders” to Mery, who began by saying: “A lot of things are said and many times one does not go out to speak because there are conflicts that have nothing to do with me.”

And I add: “Many times a lot of things are misrepresented that are not like that… so I take this opportunity to say no, everything is more than good as always”.

Zaira Nara, Paula Cháves and Mery del Cerro maintained a great friendship for their work as models.

“It was also said that there was a fight with Paula Chaves over Polito Pieres,” the journalist continued. Faced with this query, the mother of mila Y Creek he replied emphatically: “I have no idea, they are not topics that correspond to me.”

The mover insisted: “They laughed? Were you surprised by what was said?”. The model concluded somewhat irritated: “I have no idea, I’m not going to tell you the things I talk about because they are intimate privacy things that one talks about with their friends”.

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