Mery del Cerro seduced Charlotte Caniggia in "MasterChef Celebrity 3": "Do not make yourself wish"

Yes OK “ MasterChef Celebrity 3“It is a gastronomic reality in which the stars have to demonstrate all their culinary qualities, the strategy they use for the different challenges is also very important.

On Friday night, the competition juries, Damien Betular, German Martitegui and Donato De Santis, explained that each participant had to cook a dish with only four ingredients and they had to exchange some with their partners.

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Santiago del Moro He gave them five minutes to plan their strategy and negotiate with other celebrities to find the best foods for their culinary creation.

In that sense, Mery del Cerro he set himself the goal of getting the zucchini from Charlotte Caniggia and began to insist. “I want your zucchini“, said the actress, to which the media rejected:”But wait, you don’t have anything“.

Catherine Fulop, Mery del Cerro and Charlotte Caniggia on the set of '<a href =MasterChef Celebrity 3′.” data-height=”288″ data-size=”w:512,h:288″ data-width=”512″ hspace=”5″ src=”” title=”Catherine Fulop, Mery del Cerro y Charlotte Caniggia en el rodaje de ‘ MasterChef Celebrity 3’.” vspace=”5″>
Catherine Fulop, Mery del Cerro and Charlotte Caniggia on the set of “MasterChef Celebrity 3”.

I want to make a zucchini pie, but I don’t have the zucchini and Charlotte does. Charlotte, be cool“explained the former”Almost angels“behind the scenes. Like Mery, Catherine Fulop He also tried to exchange Caniggia’s zucchini but failed miserably.

Look at me, can you give me your zucchini? “, implored del Cerro and Charlotte to exchange another vegetable:”No, no zucchini. I give you the eggplant“. Nevertheless, Denis dumas He came with a chicken so the media gave him his aubergines. Paulo kablan He also tried to get the zucchini but offered him liver, which caused disgust to the sister of Alex Caniggia: “I vomit, how disgusting to eat liver“.

Seconds before the driver announced the end of the negotiation time, the actress launched her last argument with an unexpected struggle over the zucchini: “Come on, Charlotte, don’t make yourself wish. You have avocado, you can’t make something hot, you have to make something cold, a salad“.

Look at the seduction of Mery del Cerro to Charlotte Caniggia for some zucchini!

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