Men’s sports teams from 1INMIND

History speaks to the fact that sportswear came into use because of the need of men and women for freedom of movement during sports or work.

In the beginning, men’s sports teams were produced for professionals in a competitive environment. The fabrics were natural, there was no elasticity, but the strength and comfort were obvious. Subsequently, sportswear managed to enter the lives of women, as the first sports vision was considered pants in combination with a blouse without buttons and many zippers. The first stretch fabric appeared in the 1930s, and progress in sports has been remarkable since then. Clothes with different cuts and designs are created. Quick-drying, stretchy and extremely strong fabrics appear on the fabric market. At the same time, sportswear is beginning to be valued more and more by the average person, who prefers it not only for sports events, but also daily activities and tasks. Many people today have the freedom to wear whatever they want, even at work. All these facts prepare the ground for an interesting mix of fabrics, patterns and the overall concept of sports and casual wear.


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Never before have we had the freedom to express ourselves so much through our vision. The understandings of clothing and etiquette in many public places still retain a relatively strict and classic vision, but in everyday life we ​​notice more and more colorful, distinctive people, as if taken out of the gray environment. And while in the 90s and early 2000s in Bulgaria we had one or two brands offering sportswear and such for everyday life, today we can enjoy an exceptional variety of companies in terms of price, quality, vision and origin. The so-called street brands and local companies for production and trade of sportswear for men and women are becoming more and more relevant. On the one hand, people know that they receive something from the original source without a chance to buy “counterfeit goods presented as originals”, and on the other hand they have the freedom to enjoy much more attention and understanding in cases or need more information. The interest of leading companies in the industry to the lesser known and smaller ones is also indicative. The freshness of ideas and different views managed to break the rigid world of classic fashion to such an extent that in recent years we have witnessed extremes not so familiar to the European client.

Made in Bulgaria

The 1INMIND team is familiar with the history and direction of development in the world of everyday fashion. For us, the style, silhouette and good combination of colors should not yield to the comfort and strength in the production of men’s sports equipment. We draw inspiration and knowledge about streetwear from active people, street musicians, artists, hip-hop culture and in general from the urban jungle and the daily challenges it offers us. We borrow many ideas and elements from various activities and movements both in sports and in normal everyday life. The materials from which our sportswear is made are 100% polyester, 100% cotton, impurities of polyester and elastane or also known as spandex. Impurities of denim or cotton with elastane are used for both tops and sports pants, and the goal of strength and good vision is fully met. 1INMIND is one of the Bulgarian manufacturers of sportswear and casual wear. In our site you will find men’s sports teams, underpants, sports pants, sweatshirts, hoodies with a kangaroo pocket, elastic cargo pants and tops, jackets, accessories and more. Each product is from a limited series, after the exhaustion of which it is stopped from production. This way we guarantee our customers and friends that they will be left with a unique vision that can rarely be detected in the same form.

The advantages of trusting local production

Every country strives for competitive markets. For this purpose, it must have its own production – a product or service to offer on local and foreign exchanges. World leaders in the textile sector have been clear for years, and some for decades. However, their total share of customers is declining due to the small and very focused on the personal relationship with the customer companies. So in Bulgaria we will see and be able to trust more and more small producers. They are small fish in the ocean. When they know that large predators are swimming around them, they do their best to survive and simply do not stop swimming. They are evolving. They are looking for options. They give the best they are capable of. This is the main driving force in our country as well. That is why it is important for our customers to receive more than they expect in order to have the conviction that the morning will be bright.

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