Men and women, Pinuccia quarrels furiously with Tina Cipollari: “She fell to the ground, passed out”. Maria De Filippi forced to intervene

It had been a few weeks since a Men and women Pinuccia he did not become the protagonist of relevant moments. Luckily things are about to change, because the previews that come directly from the recordings of the new episodes refer to a heated dispute between the lady from Vigevano and Tina Cipollaticomplete with fake fainting and surgery by Maria DeFilippi.

THE quarrel with TINA CIPOLLARI – To entice viewers waiting to see what happened on the small screen is the Instagram page “Uominiedonneclassicoeover”, which writes about the recording held on November 22: “Strong quarrel between Tina and Pinuccia. At one point Pinuccia fell to the ground and she seemed to be (she did it on purpose) it was ‘fainted’ and Maria had to intervene”. It goes without saying that at this point the curiosity to discover the reasons that led the old lady to stage all of this is very high.

DOES PINUCCIA WANT TO REPORT TINA? – Certainly since Pinuccia landed on the dating show of Maria DeFilippi he didn’t have it easy with the columnist. In fact, Cipollari often attacked her, accusing her of sitting in the parterre just to have a little visibility and of being only interested in making four jumps on the track when those present are given the opportunity to dance with each other. The link with Alessandro Rausa was also much discussed, the 92-year-old who has been in Pinuccia’s heart for a year now. She has repeatedly declared herself for him, but the former tailor has always replied – in perhaps not too convincing tones – that he can only give her friendship. For her part, the lady has always turned a deaf ear and she often expressed her jealousy when Alessandro tried to meet other ladies. This attitude of Pinuccia prompted Tina Cipollari to scold her several times, and the two had quarrels which led the old woman to shed tears in Pinuccia’s studio. Men and women. Precisely because of the columnist’s constant attacks, the lady from Vigevano revealed that she was ready to denounce Tina: “If she continues like this, yes” she explained to De Filippi, “At her age she should have a little ‘of education’.

THE RETURN OF IDA AND ALESSANDRO – During the same recording, Ida and Alessandro also returned to the studio, having just left the programme. The couple explained that at the moment the attendance continues at best but there is no shortage of discussions. In fact, the two would have had a quarrel due to a message from Riccardo, Ida’s ex. The knight, attacked from several fronts, above all by Gianni Sperti, would have left the studio in tears.

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