Memona Hintermann’s unfiltered chronicle: "Arm wrestling"

Memona Hintermann is a journalist, former major reporter, former member of the CSA from 2013 to 2019.

A woman can be happy to have worked well: the theater teacher Brigitte Macron. Didn’t she teach the art of surprising surprises at the Jesuit high school in La Providence? Didn’t she transmit the force of the game to impose an “I”? It was known that his favorite pupil had shown a joyful aptitude for directing and for embodying human comedy.

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Memona Hintermann is a journalist, former major reporter, former member of the CSA from 2013 to 2019.
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Emmanuel Macron’s coup de théâtre finds its explanation in the genes of his intellectual training. Years after the theater of his youth in Amiens, the decor of his play called “J’emmerde” was royally suited to his number. Before him, the majestic festival hall of the Élysée Palace, hung in red and gold, adorned with a sumptuous ceiling, saw castings of born actors take place. De Gaulle and Mitterrand among the most gifted. They were the art of rhetoric accompanied by a gesture, sparing mimicry on a look that kills. Spectacular peaks.

Change of epoch. There, in front of a panel of readers, their successor did not make in the lace. What ? We waited for him with folded arms, wisely seated as a spectator in his presidential Olympus, counting the punches? Since the time the antivax annoyed him! With or without the questions of caregivers complaining of being at the end of the roll because of the unvaccinated that they must save at all costs, with or without these interviews by non-professionals – important to note -, Emmanuel Macron was going to jump into the arena. With his style, his true nature.

Its now famous “Yes, I want to piss off…”

This man who loves “the castagne” believes in his star and, in fact, does he not have the baraka? Isn’t this a chance, this French presidency of the European Union which returns only once every fourteen years? Gift ! The almost candidate will be massively present in the media without it costing him a minute of his speaking time. To him the violins to sing his hymns on the management of the pandemic. Even if it means mimicking vulgar and voracious animators seen not only at his friend Hanouna’s.

With his now famous “Yes, I want to piss off …”, the almost candidate has therefore imposed the tone of the 2022 political novel. It will be a fight and he announced it by disarming the most seasoned of his competitors. Macron, the scholar, the man who quotes by heart love letters from Diderot – the author of the Encyclopedia – to his lover Sophie Volland, dumbfounded his competitors, the jealous, his courtiers. The public, a somewhat anemic electorate, still has in mind “get rid of you poor asshole” or the dripping finger of an extreme right candidate.

Vaccinated, the public! The decorations around power, rituals and democracy have been desecrated in France for a while. Consequence, anyway: the 5 million French people who have refused their doses so far are under pressure to accept the syringe, as never since March 2020.

The arm wrestling is likely to be untenable for a majority of them who behave like invulnerable. To be frank, we will not be bored in the 2022 campaign. There will be sport. Extreme sport!

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