Meloni and the case of the daughter at the G20: “Incredible debate, I have the right to be a mother as I think”

Sleazy controversy“, “case ridiculous And absurd“, “let no one judge you mothers choices“. At around 7pm on Wednesday, news agencies begin to fill up with statements from politicians expressing solidarity with Giorgia Meloni against the controversy over having brought her six-year-old daughter Ginevra with her on her trip to the G20 summit in Bali. It does not appear in the political news records no attack to the premier on this issue, while the debate, with critical positions, developed mainly in the media. The trigger, so to speak, are two articles published on Republic And Press. In the first – entitled “Chosen by mother “first of all”, now you work so that others can do it” – we read “that there is a time for work and there is a time for caring” and that “sometimes, for example at a G20 in Bali, they are hardly superimposable“. In the second of her (entitled “If mother Giorgia goes to Bali with Geneva”) the author Assia Neumann Dayan writes in an ironic tone: “Of course, if I were you I would spend these three days in Bali between adultsmy daughter, I’m sorry but mum is saving Italy, if you need to ask dad, I’ll be back soon, brush your teeth”.

In the mid-afternoon, the prime minister published a long text in the form of an Instagram story: “On my way home I come across a amazing debate whether or not it was right to take my daughter with me. (…) I have the right to be a mother as I please and I have the right to do everything I can for this nation without depriving Geneva of a mother”. In a short time, certificates of esteem from politicians of all sides, from the former minister, echoed her Mara Carfagna (“I too have taken my daughter to congresses and political appointments. Nobody judges the choices of mothers”) to the group leader in the Chamber of Action-Iv Raffaella Paita (“Fitting a case for a mom who chooses to take her daughter on a business trip is just ridiculous and absurd.”) The Minister of Defence Guido Crosetto he tweeted indignantly: “Leave something out of the vulgar ideological controversy. At least the sacred things. Like the relationship between parents and children. #mommagiorgia”. The M5s leader also has his say Joseph Conte: “I’m on his side on this episode, no ifs, ands or buts”.

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