Melody Luz organized a fair with clothes by Alex Caniggia: T-shirts and sneakers between $2,000 and $100,000

Melody Luz is looking for new businesses to exploit and treasure an extra income per month. This time, the artist came up with the idea of ​​holding an American fair with her boyfriend’s clothes, Alex Caniggia. The young man comes from a difficult week of crosses in the nets with L-Gantewhile Prepare a new work project The thirteen.

Look at Melody Luz’s response to criticism on the networks!

“Alex and I have clothes to sell. It is for not using it or because it does not fit us, but everything is in perfect condition. I’m going to upload it to my best friends, so I’m just going to add whoever I really think is going to buy”, pointed out the young woman in a first publication that she made in her Instagram stories. And she added the values ​​and sizes: “From $2,000 to $100,000; sizes XS, S, M, L; sneakers and boots 43 and 44”.

melody then uploaded a video responding to the criticisms made by various users for the decision to sell the clothes instead of giving them away or donating them: “Don’t get mad, I’m not going to add all the people who sent me a request,” he began.

“I don’t feel like banking chot comments… It’s branded clothing, it’s in very good condition and we want other people to give it the value that we give it”. He also clarified that she and her boyfriend They give away a lot of clothes, but they don’t make that decision public.

Look at Melody Luz’s explanation of the clothing sale!

“I love buying used clothes and going to vintage fairs. Surely what we don’t get to sell we will give away, as we always do”said the former participant of “The hotel of the famous”that a few days ago he revealed that in reality he did not have as good a time as everyone believed.

Melody Luz decided to do the American fair in person

Finally, he pointed out that due to the success of the call, they preferred to hold the fair “in person”, although he has not yet specified the date and address where the auction will be. Wait…

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