Melissa Paredes after appearing as host of “Mujeres Al Mando”: “Today I’m going to steal the show”

Melissa Paredes She was surprising when she appeared this Tuesday morning live on “Mujeres Al Mando”, where she will accompany Giovanna Valcárcel and Thaís Casalino in the conduction of the Latina magazine, after the interview she offered the day before to the space.

“Yesterday we presented this interview that caused a lot of revolution. She is calm, her heart is happy, and today she is going to accompany us while driving ”, The journalist said before the model entered the set.

“Hi Hi! Good morning Peru! A huge kiss from here and happy to meet again with you dear public and happy to accompany you today in ‘Mujeres Al Mando’ “, the exmiss Peru initially said about its presence in space.

“Excuse me, but today I’m going to steal the show”, She added and proceeded to model at the request of Giovanna and Thaís, who also warned her that they would ask her more questions during the program, since she was missing more information about her life.

Melissa Paredes presentation at MAM

Previously, Melissa Paredes offered an interview to “Mujeres Al Mando” in which she made her relationship with Anthony Aranda official. She also revealed that they have been officially in love for a month and that she is in love with the dancer.


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Melissa Paredes opened her heart and in the interview she gave to “Mujeres Al Mando” she opened up about her feelings for Anthony Aranda. In addition, he said that he wishes all the happiness in the world to his ex-partner Gato Cuba. (Source: Latina TV)

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