Melanight: Haneia clashes once again with Melanight and it’s violent


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And here we go again for a round between Haneia and Mélanight. The rag burns friends! It smells scorched around here! Haneia speaks at length in her latest story, it puts things in their place…

Haneia, when she makes her big comeback on television, expect to hear a lot about her. revealed in The Angels of Reality TV 9 on NRJ12, this year, it’s in The Princes of Love what to do with the beautiful blonde. And love, yes, but not only. There are also fights, settling of scores, jealousies, tackles here, tackles there. On Instagram, things are heating up with Mélanight! The dispute is quite serious, as Haneia has a Melanight following on social media. And that doesn’t count for butter. But then what is really going on between the two young women? Haneia explains herself.

Is Haneia targeting a specific person?

“Be very careful who you hang out with, surround yourself with simple people and good people. (Editor’s note: the editor is not exactly sure how to write this expression.) I suffered too much jealousy. I have very few friends and I want them to be healthy, to inspire me, to lift me up. The rest, the manipulators, the vicious, liars…” Haneia does not stop there: “This person – Melanight – has always been jealous of me and I don’t know why.” Finally, the young person evokes having attracted the forces of evil. Be careful, this kind of remark reminds us of a story of witchcraft that caused a stir last year…

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“Mélanight does not like women prettier than her”

“In truth, Mélanie, you know very well that we were never friends. A lot of people told me that you spit on me. Everyone knows that you never loved me, you have to stop this cinema. ” And it escalates: “She’s someone who’s insecure, who doesn’t like women prettier than her.” Then there, the impatience is felt as for the reaction of melanight. How will the volcanic starlet react? It’s all the same a little bit humiliating and in any case presumptuous on Haneia’s part… defend your territory! Case to follow!

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