Mélanight disgusted by her affair with Romain? She expresses herself cash


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Posted by Emmanuelle Devriese on .

Credits: Instagram Mélanight

Romain said on Instagram that he was bored without Mélanight. The reality TV contestant stepped up to the plate and was quick to respond to her ex.

On Instagram Romain said he had experienced a “incredible love story” with Mélanight. Remarks that Mélanight did not accept since, according to her, their relationship is not a good memory. Things did not end on very good terms between Mélanight and Romain. In The Battle of the Couples 3, Mélanight got confused with one of her friends Julie Bertin who declared that Romain was bad for her. Julie even implied that Romain had been unfaithful. Comment that Mélanight did not seem to appreciate. Since the end of 2021, the couple has been separated for good and Mélanight seems to have a heavy heart. On Instagram she rocks everything.

“‘An incredible love story’ doesn’t end overnight with pretexts” balance Mélanight on Instagram. While wedding plans were in the works, the couple did not work out. So it would seem that there is much more than a simple story of jealousy under this rupture, Mélanight being still full of bitterness. She does not mince her words and continues by claiming to be less stressed and anxious since her breakup and to have too much hatred towards the winner of The Circle Game France.

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Roman manipulator?

Many people have criticized Romain for manipulating Mélanight, for using him to get into reality TV shows more easily. Sarah Fraisou and Julie Bertin have also decided to make life hard for Romain in The Battle of the Couples 3. Mélanie’s friends were convinced that he would end up hurting her. We can say that they were right. Mélanight seems upset and disgusted by her relationship with Romain. She has definitely put an end to the man who shared her life for a year. She is also impatiently awaiting to know in which show Romain will appear soon Mélanight is definitely happier without Romain and she is without tongue in cheek.

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