Melanight and Romain (LBDC3) already ready to get back together? This video sows doubt

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After several weeks of rumors of tensions in their relationship, Melanight and Romain have formalized their break up recently. The exact reasons for this separation have been kept secret by the two main concerned, but the young woman however recently evoked the hope of being able to reconcile with her ex in the weeks to come … If Romain, for his part, does not mentioned very little about his breakup with Melanight, will the two reality TV candidates give their love story another chance?

A recent detail could indeed suggest that the two exs would have gotten back together … Or at least, that they would still be very close, despite their breakup! Indeed, Melanight, which we have also seen in The Battle of the Couples 3 in the company of Romain, appeared in a story Instagram of the young man and this well after their breakup, as you can see on one of the videos above. The young woman was also in the company of another candidate for reality TV, Kellyn.

If we trust this story Instagram filmed by Romain, we can quickly deduce that the exes were together on the set of a video for product placement … But still, we say to ourselves that if the young man filmed Melanight, it is because he is not on bad terms with his ex, far from it! So, will they soon get back together? We will have to wait a bit before finding out. At the same time, Internet users were shocked to see a photo of Melanight without retouching!

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