Mélanight and Haneia clash violently on social networks, here’s why


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Credits: Instagram @ wassim.tv

Internet users have witnessed a new clash on social networks: that of Melanight and Haneia. Here is what happened between the two candidates.

We know that Melanight is a very cash young woman and she is certainly not the type to keep things to herself. Moreover, the latter did not hesitate to recently say how disgusted she was by her story with Romain. This time, the candidate of The Battle of the Couples 3 clashed violently with the one she thought was his friend, Haneia. According to the blogger’s revelations WassimTV, Haneia stopped following Melanight on social media when she was always there for her. Thus, the ex of Romain Benn did not understand the sudden gesture of Haneia which would in fact have been carried out by his assistant.

Melanight and Haneia clashed violently on social networks – Credit (s): instagram @ wassim.tv

Very recovered, Melanight did not mince his words and therefore violently clashed with his former friend: “The image she reflects on TV is not the real one. Haneia is a haughty, mean person who thinks of herself as the center of the world. because she came back to TV because she slept with all the princes who were on the adventure. So feeling superior all that to the mileage of your pussy, I find that laughable and ridiculous “ she said before including her ex Romain in the story: “And if you want to finally fuck my ex, and well you can go, go ahead. He will take you, use you and then throw you.”

Haneia responds to Melanight’s tackle

In the process, Haneia in turn replied by entering his social networks: “I don’t know why it bothers her that I have someone helping me move forward, that I have a very healthy entourage and that everything is going well for me today. That’s all I got to you. wish my darling “. Worse, the young woman implies that Romain would have cheated on Melanight : “I know you dated someone who is an asshole, I know exactly what he did and I’m sorry precisely because he still maintains this jealousy that you can have towards women and this discomfort and that really hurts my heart for you (…) You should really … pff … I don’t know .. . what could you do? I don’t know what we can do for you “. We imagine that Melanight will not stop there.

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