Mélanie Orl ultra suspicious of men because of her notoriety? She confides

Melanie Orl

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Credit: Instagram @melanie_orl

Mélanie Orl would she become ultra suspicious of men because of her notoriety? The candidate of the Marseillais in Mexico confided.

Mélanie Orl, who was tackled by Maeva Ghennam and Greg, had a little slack last weekend. On January 10, 2022, the reality TV candidate, who took part in the filming of Marseillais in Mexico, explained the reason in his Instagram story. The young woman realized that she could not open up to others because of her notoriety and that she only trusted her friends and family, which prevented her from having a relationship. stable with a man. Thus, she confided: “Today I have a little bit special life and you know what’s super hard for me is to be constantly wary of everything, all the time. There are times when I would like to open up. to people who seem benevolent towards me, people who seem really worth the detour but I always have lots of questions and I get drunk “.

Mélanie Orl – Credit (s): Instagram melanie_orl

“Today, I am seriously closed, I can no longer open myself, I am seriously blocked (…) I do not trust anyone anymore” she then said in her video. “It’s good to be wary, it’s the base, but there is a minimum what. Me it becomes to the extreme and it tires me this constant mistrust. After I remain serious accessible, I am very sociable, j ‘love talking with people, I don’t get too crazy but it’s true that it never goes beyond that. It worries me a little bit “ Mélanie Orl continued before writing: “How am I going to meet the love of my life if I don’t open up?”. Then she added: “I tell myself when will I be able to open up to someone, to discover new people. If only to meet a man, it’s super complicated”.

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Mélanie Orl can count on the support of internet users

Mélanie Orl, who has turned the page on her relationship with Greg Yega, thinks a lot about her future projects and does not let her brain think about anything else. Fortunately, she can count on the good advice of her subscribers, who are always so numerous to follow her: “Thank you for being you, thank you for being my daily support. You are doing me good good and it is largely thanks to you that we keep” she concluded.

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