Mélanie Orl separated from Greg (Les Marseillais), this tackle sent to her ex does not please Internet users

Would Mélanie Orl be in a false break with Greg? Nathan sowed the seeds of doubt. In Marseille vs the rest of the world 6, the reality TV candidate fell back into the young man’s arms but their relationship did not last outside and the two preferred to separate. Since then, he left on the set of the next season of Marseillais in Mexico and she stayed in France. On November 17, 2021, it was in Lyon that she organized a small outing to the Museum of Fine Arts. There, she filmed the anatomy of a statue and laughed when the person accompanying her made a comparison with her ex. A tackle that did not please Internet users …

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Mélanie Orl’s Instagram story – Credit (s): Instagram @melanie_orl

On Instagram, a fan account defended Greg Yega and said: “What are we kidding … Poor girl that proves the low esteem she has for Greg and after daring to say that she always liked the joke. Greg never belittled her on the networks. I don’t know who makes them laugh but not me. I hope that she will refrain from coming to make her show on the set of Marseillais “.

Faced with that, Melanie Orl replied: “Sorry for not having only one ex. You are really freaks my mother’s life, you are really missing a box”. Obviously, the little joke was not aimed directly at Greg … Otherwise, know that we know why Mélanie Orl and Giuseppa of Marseillais vs the rest of World 6 are cold.

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