Mélanie Orl (LMvsMonde6) in false break with Greg? Nathan sows doubt

In recent days, it has been said that Mélanie Orl and Julien Bert could integrate the filming of the Marseillais. You can imagine that if the pretty blonde goes to Mexico, it is most certainly to settle accounts with Greg! We remind you that they separated a few weeks ago … And obviously, Mélanie Orl did not agree too much with the stories that Bebew made to announce their breakup. Despite everything, some Internet users think that this separation could be fake. The goal ? Make the buzz in The people of Marseilles ! And Nathan’s latest Instagram story casts doubt …

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Nathan’s story – Credit (s): Instagram nathan.updc

As you can see, a user asked Nathan if he had heard from Mélanie Orl after the shooting of Objectif Rest of the World. As a reminder, they got into a relationship during this adventure. And Nathan replied: “No. No plans to disturb her. Before they get married, I’ll knock over there.”

So, is Nathan implying that Mélanie Orl and Greg are planning to get married? And if so, will it happen on the set of Marseillais which will start very soon? It’s a new affair to follow dear meltynauts … Before knowing more about this story, know that Victoria removed the hyaluronic acid from her mouth and she unveiled the result with a touch of humor.

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