Melanie Martin: Manager was to blame for Aaron Carter’s condition

Melanie Martin raises serious allegations. The death of Aaron Carter (✝34) put his loved ones in deep mourning, including his fiancée and his son’s mother. The American singer was found lifeless in his bathtub at his home about two weeks ago. Now the blonde speaks up again and claims: Aarons Manager is said to have been to blame for the singer’s condition.

In your Instagramstory, she vented her anger and made heavy allegations against Taylor Helgeson: “He overworked him when he wasn’t feeling well. He took advantage of him in life and now he’s still getting paid for interviews!” Aaronwho had suffered from drug addiction throughout his career, is said to be loud melanie partially relapsed by his manager: “He tried to take control and brought him things that should never have been brought to anyone. Especially not an addict.”

As Daily Mail reported, Taylor commented and denied the allegations: “Due to her recent actions, which are primarily against the family of Aaron judge themselves, however, we feel the need to comment and apologize for their actions and false statements.”

Instagram / missmelaniemartin

Aaron Carter with his fiancee Melanie Martin

Instagram / missmelaniemartin

Melanie Martin with Aaron Carter in December 2021
Aaron Carter, singer

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