Melanie Gonzalez ("Large families, life in XXL"): this product placement during a wedding that shocks the Web

If the mothers of “Large families, life in XXL” have become for some real influences, their new celebrity also now exposes them to certain criticism from Internet users. Recently, it was Diana Blois who sparked controversy following a product placement remunerated by Health Insurance… The post in question was intended to help policyholders with their administrative procedures. An act that hurt by the community of the mother of 9 children. “Where does the CPAM go through influencers to promote the Ameli account?”, “A paid collaboration with public money?? I hope it’s a joke”, “Collaborations go a long way now“, some were carried away.

Diana Blois then tried to justify herself: “Hallu, reactions under this post. I’m probably much too naive, but when Medicare offered me a collaboration to talk about the Ameli account, I said to myself: ‘but wow! That’s great!. For having struggled for ages on the spot at the time for a simple paper […] I understand their approach to remind that the Ameli account exists“, she defended herself.

But Diana Blois is not the only one to be closely observed by Internet users. Mélanie Gonzalez has also just been singled out on Twitter. “Why mother Gonzalez makes product placements in the middle of a wedding or baptism.. what a lack of respect.. money or money“, reacted a surfer. A publication which also made another follower of the TF1 program react: “Mélanie Gonzalez is venal… like Camille… Diana and the others… They have all become “addicted” to all this money earned without difficulty… With each publication, these mothers receive 300€…!!… Something new, for them… They reason in euros!! Imagine that she is not the first !!… Last summer, in the middle of the wedding lunch, Diana Blois, in a state of intoxication… had isolated herself, in the toilets, to “tinker” with a story … touting an anti-cellulite suction cup…!!… Yes, yes…


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