Mélanie Dédigama separated from Vincent? She finally responds

Mélanie Dédigama and Vincent separated? New clues sow doubt. In any case, the young mother is often annoyed by Vincent’s behavior. One day, he locked Mélanie on the balcony and the latter went crazy! She then said: “He has nothing to manage in his life, I manage 100% everything in our life (…). I’m tired (…) Why did he lock me outside? Because he does not think (…). He does things like that, all the time! I’m disappointed, I’m sad because it’s been like this for a long time and I feel like things will never change. I have tried everything (…). I’m tired ! (…) It is hopeless”.

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La storu – Credit (s): Instagram meldedigama

Internet users then want to know if Mélanie Dédigama and Vincent are still together or not … When the young mother offers to answer their questions on Instagram, they jump at the opportunity. And when Internet users ask him the truth about her relationship, Mélanie Dédigama answers: “Ask bloggers, they apparently know better than we do.”

We therefore understand that the rumors circulating about their relationship are totally false … Maybe they had a big fight, but obviously they’re not apart. In any case, there was no officialization of a possible rupture! And speaking of separation, know that new information has come out on Raphaël Pépin and Tiffany.

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