Mélanie Dédigama and Vincent definitely separated? These big clues sow doubt

Mélanie Dédigama and Vincent have never hidden it, they are in an explosive relationship with ups and downs … Which regularly worries Internet users who wonder each time if the couple will survive a new argument. Mélanie Dédigama, who had an impressive baby bump when she was pregnant, is the mother of a little Naya with Vincent, whom she met on the set of La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 4. So, would the couple go through a bad patch once again? The writing of melty reveals below these clues that sow doubt, while waiting for them to speak …

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Mélanie Dédigama and Vincent separated? – Credit (s): https://www.instagram.com/vinclrq/

On her Instagram account, Mélanie Dédigama has unfollow Vincent’s account, which is always a heavy gesture for reality TV stars. Above all, the young woman deleted all the photos she could have with him on her account, with the exception of the one announcing the pregnancy and the birth of Naya.. For his part, Vincent left all the pictures he had with her on his social networks and even relayed a video story where we see him in a living room with his daughter, which at least confirms that he still lives with it. Mélanie and her daughter …

Mélanie Dédigama, who will be leaving for a few days in Paris very soon, also posted this strange message which sows doubt on her story: “Get people where they are and stop giving your body and soul to people who have no regard for you. It is sometimes hard to accept it, but it is better to have a bad blow than to lose all self-esteem by forcing things “… Clues that suggest that a breakup would be possible! Also discover here Maddy’s revelations on her relationship with Benjamin Samat, who would also be on the verge of breaking up.

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