Mélanie Da Cruz: Her age, her origins, her Instagram account … Everything you need to know about the young woman

The last time we spoke to you about Mélanie Da Cruz, it was because she revealed why she had not seen Maeva Ghennam during her vacation in Dubai. And if the young mother has not been doing reality TV since Les Marseillais vs the rest of the World 5, she is still very active on social networks where she is very followed. In this article, we will tell you a little more about Mélanie Da Cruz’s Instagram account. We will also tell you everything about her age, her origins, her cosmetic surgery operations and her husband. So to find out more, it happens below.

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Mélanie Da Cruz – Credit (s): Instagram melaniemartialdc

How old is Mélanie Da Cruz?

Mélanie Da Cruz was born on April 28, 1991 in Paris. She therefore celebrated her 30th birthday this year! A birthday in a small group that she celebrated with her husband and her son. With the health crisis, she had not been able to do it with her relatives in France.

What are its origins ?

Melanie Da Cruz
Mélanie Da Cruz – Credit (s): Instagram melaniemartialdc

It’s no secret that Mélanie Da Cruz is of Portuguese origin! Very attached to her country of origin, she does not hesitate to go to Portugal as often as possible. And she also wants to pass this culture on to her son Swan who therefore has Portuguese and Caribbean origins from her dad.

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What is her Instagram account?

His Instagram account
His Instagram account – Credit (s): Instagram melaniemartialdc

Very active on Instagram, Mélanie Da Cruz has more than 3.4 million subscribers! They can then discover her life as a mother, her daily life as an influencer and businesswoman. But Mélanie Da Cruz also shares a little of her married life, as well as her travels.

What surgery has she done?

Melanie Da Cruz
Mélanie Da Cruz – Credit (s): Instagram melaniemartialdc

Mélanie Da Cruz has never hidden having already had plastic surgery. For example, she remade her nose, since she had the nasal septum which was broken. The pretty blonde also gave lip injections. Interventions that she has always assumed!

Who is her husband?

Mélanie and Anthony
Mélanie and Anthony – Credit (s): Instagram martial_9

For several years, Mélanie da Cruz has been in a relationship with the footballer, Anthony Martial. The latter got married some time ago, but it has all been kept very secret. Moreover, Mélanie Da Cruz has never shown photos of this ceremony. Or at least, she revealed a few details, but no more … And for 3 years, they have been the happy parents of a little boy, Swan.

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