Mel Maia says that life has changed little after turning 18: “Driving and getting home later”

Emancipated since the age of 16, Mayan honey said that her life routine did not change much after she turned 18, in May of this year.

“I don’t think it makes that much of a difference. I think just the fact that I can get a driver’s license and drive. Or coming home later from a party,” she explained to Quem.

Independent and decisive, she emphasized that she still lives with her parents and that she asks their permission to enjoy the night with her friends: “But everything here at home is negotiable. My parents are very calm. We talk a lot,” she told her.

Mel added that the public is having a hard time understanding that she has become an adult.

“I think the pandemic contributes a lot to that. We’ve spent the last two years pretty much indoors and often when fans see me they freak out. They usually say: ‘Wow, how you’ve grown’. Guys, I grew up (laughs)”, he commented.

TV Villain and Haters

Away from soap operas since A Dona do Pedaço (2019), she also said that her dream is to play a heavyweight villain on TV:

“I like to tell stories. The audience will realize that I grew up naturally. I dream of playing a villain. One that the audience will love and hate at the same time. Like Nazaré, from Senhora do Destino, Carminha herself, from Avenida Brasil”, she revealed.

With more than 12.4 million followers on Instagram, Mel said that she is careful with the content she shares and that she is upset with haters:

“Public people are usually already influencers on networks. I am no different. But I only post what I really approve of, use and actually find really cool,” she explained.

“Disrespecting my family, something that affects my family members. Other than that, I might get annoyed, but it passes. Nobody likes everybody. On the Internet there are charges and bonuses. The bad thing is being a no man’s land, that is, people criticize and don’t show their face. It’s easy to say bad things about a person. I don’t want to reciprocate in kind and judge them,” he added.

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