Mehdi Bayat does not digest the attitude of the Ultras carolos: “I am disgusted” – Emergency meeting at the Pro League

UpdateThe match of the 17th day between Charleroi and Mechelen was definitively stopped after 67 minutes of play due to the throwing of smoke from the Charleroi supporters. The Zebras however led 1-0. The club’s managing director, Mehdi Bayat, was dismayed at the end of the match: “I am disgusted”. Pro League CEO Lorin Parys called an emergency meeting on Monday to tackle violence in stadiums.


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Eleven Sports, with Belga

While Sporting Charleroi was leading in the score, it should logically lose 0-5 on green carpet following the final stoppage of the match and, above all, the questioning of local supporters. Asked by Eleven Sports after the incidents, the managing director of the Hainaut club did not hide his anger: “There is no word against that … It’s not supporting his team. They sing ‘It’s us Charleroi’ but that’s not Charleroi”, he laments.

“I am disgusted”

Mehdi Bayat expected action from a fringe of the Carolos Ultras: “They warned the management and the staff, they came to say what they were going to do tonight … I don’t know what to say. .. I don’t know what to say anymore… I’m disgusted… At the same time, you have to be strong. The stadium whistled them this evening, the public was outraged, all of Belgium will be scandalized and Charleroi will unfortunately be targeted”, bitterly regrets the leader.

“Where are we going?”

“We now stop matches even when we win? No but where are we going? All this to show that they have control? Ah well bravo… We gave the power to the supporters, we must review these regulations. This regulation gives the power to the supporters”, he enrages (continued below).

50,000 euro fine

Charleroi will receive a fine of 50,000 euros, confirmed Lorin Parys, CEO of the Pro League, on Saturday evening on Twitter. “I had a meeting with the supporters’ federations who disapprove of this behavior in unison. We will act accordingly. The club can expect a fine of 50,000 euros from the Pro League and disciplinary sanctions from the URBSFA.”

Emergency meeting at the Pro League

This Sunday around 11 a.m., Lorin Parys finally called on the clubs to meet urgently this Monday morning to fight more effectively against violence in the stadiums and work for more security, the day after these new incidents and a new meeting. of the championship stopped.

On October 23, incidents had already forced the Clasico to stop between Standard and Anderlecht, shortly after the hour mark too, again due to the throwing of smoke from Anderlecht supporters this time.


“It is no longer possible for a group to hold our football hostage for other purposes”

Lorin Parys, CEO of the Pro League

“It is no longer possible for a group to hold our football hostage for other purposes. This group must be excluded,” tweeted Lorin Parys. “We will take our responsibilities and accelerate the implementation of our plan. We will approach all partners for this”.

The interview with Mehdi Bayat (Eleven Sports) to discover above.


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