Meghan Markle tyrannical towards Buckingham employees, a famous biographer promises to throw everything away… Unpublished secrets!

Nothing is going well for Meghan Markle! For several months, the happy mother of two children has been struggling to improve her image… Not without difficulty. the Megxit is still on everyone’s mind across the Channel. According to the Sunday Times, Buckingham refuses to reveal the results of an investigation into him. When she was still an active member of the Firm, the former American actress was accused of being tyrannical towards her employees.

Tom Bower, who currently writes a book on Meghan Markle, assures us that he will throw everything at the former star of the “Suits” series. According to the latest news, this long-awaited biography should be unveiled next July. The investigative journalist is formidable in his field. His writings on Boris Johnson, Richard Branson and Mohammed Al-Fayed are known to everyone!

“His victims want to talk and have done so…”

This year to celebrate the jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, the Sussexes have decided to keep a low profile. Unfortunately for them, Tom Bower claims to have recently “discovered some extremely fascinating things” on Prince Charles’ daughter-in-law. “People will have confirmation of what they thought of her or will be shocked”, he confided without saying more. But unearthing innumerable information on the ex-actress was not easy… Quite the contrary!

“It was very, very… tedious, because those who worked closely with her first oppose a concern for discretion, her lawyers are very good at intimidating, but I was able to collect enough testimonies. And Meghan’s story is fascinating. It is the destiny of a woman who started from nothing and achieved notoriety by trampling on others, a point common to all my subjects, whether they are tycoons or politicians., notes the biographer. Obviously, the character of Meghan Markle had the merit of marking many people within her entourage. “His victims want to talk and have done so…”, concluded Tom Bower. Case to follow!


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