Meghan Markle diva? His "freak out" in a 5 star hotel…

Since her arrival in the royal family, Meghan Markle has continued to break the codes and give the queen and her advisers a hard time. After an explosive interview in which Prince Harry’s wife made shocking revelations and spoke about the prevailing racism and her suicidal thoughts on the eve of her wedding, the pretty brunette is literally considered the troublemaker of the whole Kingdom.
To make matters worse, this Thursday, July 21, Tom Bower’s book entitled Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsor was released in bookstores, which, as its name suggests, relates the war between the princely couple and the rest of the family. Royal family. The book is based in particular on more than 80 interviews with relatives of the crown who have never spoken before.

The Daily Mail today echoes an event that occurred in 2016 while Meghan Markle was in London. When she arrived at her luxury hotel, she would then have “freaked out”. In question ? The fact that a parrot locked in a cage, was in the lobby of the 5 star establishment. At the time, the American actress had traveled to London to promote her old “lifestyle” blog which was very popular and had obtained, after hard negotiation, a free room in this hotel, in exchange for a publication in his blog and a post on Instagram. Horrified by the sight of this parrot, the pretty brunette then left the hotel immediately and demanded that her agency find her another luxury hotel in the area…

“She seems to enjoy humiliating people”
A whim that confirmed her status as a diva with her agency where she was considered “complicated to manage. Some former employees of the agency have also explained that the future wife of Prince Harry regularly called the agency to ask them to book tables at restaurants or events in anticipation of her arrival in London: “Inevitably she would cancel or change her requirements.”

The testimonies follow one another and the violins agree: the Duchess of Cambridge would be a real pretentious diva who “seems to take pleasure in humiliating people”. One of his former agents says Meghan Markle is “one of the most unpleasant people” he has met in his life. “She makes people cry with her passive aggressive tone” can we read a few lines later.

Aliénor de la Fontaine

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