Meghan from Sussex’s interview with Ellen DeGeneres: schedule and where to see it complete in Spanish

Meghan de Sussex She returns to television to be interviewed in one of the most watched spaces in the United States: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the program of the famous presenter Ellen DeGeneres, where she will be the guest star on the show that will air this Thursday on NBC.

Much expectation has been generated with the participation of the Duchess of Sussex in this space since it is still all the bomb statements he gave are kept fresh, eight months ago, with her husband Enrique de Sussex in the interview they gave to the famous journalist Oprah Winfrey.

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In the preview that has been seen on the program, Meghan from Sussex is observed for just over a minute in a more relaxed tone than in his meeting with Winfrey, and can be seen sharing confidences with DeGeneres who, in addition to being the presenter, is also his neighbor.

“A lot has changed since the last time Meghan from Sussex was in the Warner Brothers studios. Don’t miss the rest of our interview “DeGeneres wrote on his Twitter account.

Meghan’s surprise appearance

In the sneak peek, Meghan from Sussex fondly remembers the Warner Bros studios where the show is filmed, as it was a place where I used to go for the different auditions To which he was introduced when he was dedicated to the world of interpretation before meeting Enrique de Sussex.

In the preview, Meghan from Sussex comments on how she came to the Warner Bros studios to introduce herself to the different castings, the security guards always wished him luck and hoped that they would give him the role so “Today’s trip has been very different”, explains the exactriz.

The presenter, curiously, wants to know if she had been recognized upon arrival at the interview and, laughing, the Duchess of Sussex explains that “I think they probably told everyone. That’s how nice they were “, implying that they did not especially stick with his face.

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Meghan from Sussex during her interview with presenter Ellen DeGeneres. (Photo: YouTube)

Meghan’s funny anecdote

The Duchess of Sussex also shared a funny anecdote during the interview about her old car. I used to drive an old Ford Explorer that had a “life of its own”, he said. And not only that, the vehicle had the door on the driver’s side damaged, so it had a curious way to enter.

“I would park in the back of the parking lot and open the trunk, then go in, close it and drag myself across all the seats to get out.”, has commented between laughter. “This is how I came and went”, Has revealed. When asked by DeGeneres about what she would have done if someone had seen her, Meghan has stated that she would have “pretended” that she was looking for something.

Schedule and where to watch the interview with Meghan from Sussex

The interview with Meghan from Sussex can be followed live this Thursday night through the NBC channel in the United States.


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